Meet Jordan Saez: Award-Winning Educator & Children’s Author

Jordan Saezs Books Bear, Beaver, and Bee

About Jordan Saez:

Jordan Saez, an award-winning author and educator, has taught in English and Spanish at kindergarten, first, and third-grade levels. She then ended up in the education and literature arena, where she used to enlighten young minds through her unique teaching methodology. She then got secured a position in curriculum development overseas, where she saw the production of educational materials to the next level. After returning to Delaware, Saez took up a job as an educational consultant and tried to work to improve the educational system so that children could attain a better learning environment.

In 2024, Saez’s dedication to children’s literature was recognized when she received the prestigious Mom’s Choice Award for her books “Bear, Beaver, and Bee: Beaver Learns to Share” and “Bear, Beaver and Bee: Don’t Barf Bear.” Her faith plays a central role in her work, as she believes her stories are divinely inspired, bringing messages of kindness, sharing, and resilience to young readers. Besides her work, Saez likes to spend time with her family and watch movies, and she also has a sweet tooth, especially for chocolates. Her up-and-coming book, “Lincoln’s Great Adventure,” will contain other thrilling stories that captivate young minds.

Jordan Saez’s Books:

About the series: Bear, Beaver, and Bee

Honeywood Forest awaits. Join Bear, Beaver, and Bee for fun-filled adventures for young readers. This extraordinary collection, great for children in the 2-7 years of age range, showcases concepts such as friendship and sharing. Using amusing stories, the characters Bear, Beaver, and Bee can teach young children about compassion, feelings, and new experiences, such as losing a baby tooth. This faith-based series is designed for young children, and each book contains a message of importance. Bear is a loyal companion from the forest, whereas Bee is always swarming here and there. At the beginning of the lesson, Beaver is unwilling to part with her belongings, but by the end of the lesson, she receives the joy of sharing with the help of her friends.

Bear, Beaver, and Bee: Beaver Learns to Share

This true story tells of Beaver’s difficulty in sharing her possessions. Bear and Bee come to her and try to explain the meaning of ‘share’ and how fun it is to do so. This story has a moral that is crucial for children to learn, especially concerning compassion and cooperation. “Beaver Learns to Share” has been awarded the Mom’s Choice Award for the quality of family-friendly content. The story describes how it is enjoyable and valuable to share and, thus, invites young readers to imitate these attitudes in their everyday lives.

Bear, Beaver, and Bee: Don’t Barf Bear!

When Bear falls sick and fears he might barf, this story offers comfort and guidance for children learning to manage illness. The book playfully offers valuable information, thus helping children not fear getting ill. “Don’t Barf Bear” has also received the Mom’s Choice Award

due to applying the educational values incorporated into the game. The warm, endearing pictures and the fast-paced story will make this a welcome addition to any home library and a comforting companion for children facing the anxiety of the sick role.

Bear, Beaver, and Bee: Beaver’s Missing Tooth

Beaver’s first loose tooth is a source of happiness and somewhat distress. It is a story of Beaver and her friends and how they go through the process of losing a tooth. This is ideal for preschool and early grade school children to give them the comfort they need and to mark this vital stage. In “Beaver’s Missing Tooth,” topics related to getting older and accepting changes can be introduced to children. This means the book can explain and ease children’s concerns about losing their teeth, making it an excellent read for both children and parents.

Jordan Saez: More Than an Author

In addition to writing, Jordan Saez is an early literacy advocate. She goes to school, is on television, reads to children, and promotes reading. She told great stories with much love and knowledge that still influence children today. Saez’s passion for encouraging children to read is not limited to her books only. She volunteers and engages in community activities, does reading sessions, and works with teachers to instill a reading culture early. When Saez is not writing or teaching, she likes to be with her family, watch old films, and, as any chocolate lover would, indulge in chocolate despite the possible consequences on her teeth.

Motivation for New Writers

Jordan Saez has a heartfelt message for aspiring authors: “If you’d like to become an author, just start writing! Then, write the stories that you hold in your heart. Finally, write the stories that God nudges you to share. Write regularly, connect with other writers, and don’t give up!” Saez acknowledged that everyone has a story to tell and that, to become an author, one has to work hard, keep writing, and never give up. She motivates new writers to be themselves and write what they want. Through this, one can meet other writers, attend writers’ workshops, and practice and perfect their writing skills to become published writers.

Discover more about Jordan Saez and her delightful books by visiting her Amazon page. Dive into the adventures of Bear, Beaver, and Bee, and be inspired by her heartfelt stories!

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