My Writing Journey: From RFK’s Office to the 1964 World’s Fair

Meet the New Author Tom Deegan

The following blog is a first-person account of the author of the book.


This leads me to write. Most days, I write 350 words on something that happened that day, an Op-Ed for the Bangor Daily News, a comment that might fit into a more significant piece, or a letter to a friend. Writing is also an essential characteristic of my daily practice.

The very first large-scale writing of mine that I have ever done was an article on regional transport in New York. To be precise, as a young intern at Robert F. Kennedy’s Senate Office, I was required to offer this to the Senator. He was pondering over the stand he was going to take over the conversion of Teterboro Airport into a jetport. I liked it, and we taped a morning interview for a radio station in RFK’s New York apartment with a great view of the UN and the River East. Thus, writing was a way for me to open doors.

The Writing Journey

Admittedly, with modern-day information exchange being as it is, composition  Sadly, I don’t have any clue about making videos for YouTube. I would happily get involved if it could sway my passion and dedication to the written word. Telling one’s story as a writer has been challenging and has taken me through several years of unusual experiences!!!

Finally, during my time with RFK, the art of writing and choosing proper words can either change or encourage people. Sure, looking back at this experience, it only confirmed the idea that adequate communication is crucial. In my career, I have written for several papers, which are always my best attempts to help enlighten my readers on matters arising.

My Work

Heavily frustrated by America’s broken healthcare system following 15 years of working as a traveling registered nurse in the Southwest, anger emerged in healthcare. They have long been a very condescending view from the trenches, come to think of it. This work proved therapeutic for me as a writer and the protagonist; I could let out my anger and frustrations and translate those into a story. Thus, having become a writer, I had an opportunity to discuss the necessity of changing the healthcare system and the problems in this sphere from the insider’s perspective.

Now I have A Very American Story up on Amazon. This one deals with political implications and the 1964 New York World’s Fair context. The Fair embodies the period’s advancement, and the setting provides a sense of the relevant social and political tendencies. Thus, by conducting detailed historical research and relying on my imagination, I want people to feel they were in a time of modernization and hope.

Personal Insights

For practicality’s sake, it has allowed facts to be a touch of a button away on Wikipedia, thereby making it considerably less complicated to delve into history. Technology also offers the sociocultural contexts of occasions and helps writers like me to contemplate more extensive narrative information. However, that is not the more accurate meaning of writing as it involves not only the provision of facts and figures but also the provision of a story that affects the readers.

Thus, I have realized that writing is a way to pass information to others and is transformational to the person doing it. Every article I write reveals my growing knowledge about the society I live in today. Thus, from an Op-Ed on recent occurrences to a well-researched and documented history, my main aim is to inform the readers and create some form of controversy.

Future Goals

This leaves me with Enter the Kennedys, which I’m working on. Fortunately, I recognized a couple of them, and they all had similar drawing styles. This new project intends to focus on the complicated relationships of one of the most famous families in America, bringing changes in politics, culture, and society. So, for as long as I can remember, I have had quite an interest in the Kennedys and their family, particularly in their private life and relationships.

Reading this book, I want people to open their eyes and see what they did, successes and failures, regarding the Kennedy family. It continues my attempt to shed light on critical historical events and the people who influenced these occurrences.


I am gradually mastering the skill of writing, and this piece of work is no exception. Every day seems to present a new struggle and new ways to enhance the writer I am growing into. English is a craft that one can work on for the rest of their lifetime, and I am willing to devote all my life to it. But, with every new topic and narrative I try to tackle, I still have to commend the freedom and opportunity that writing provides me and the world for the narratives yet to be written.

Suggestions for Further Research Based on Knots in a Very American Story

Having read my book A Very American Story, I more keenly realize the multi-layered character of the 1964 New York World’s Fair. While the technological aspect was evident, so was the socio-political aspect of 19th-century America in the Fair. It captured the youthful spirit of the development process and was full of hope for the future that awaits people.

The Fair’s development was full of challenges, from funding to political systems. Some guys like Robert Moses filled the vision with life; they made the plan a reality and made Flushing Meadow a home of innovation and inter-cultural community. The study carried out during this period has enriched my knowledge of how big projects are coordinated and the various elements that determine the success of such projects.

That is why, as I write and will be writing in the future, these histories inspire me, and I have tried to make my beginnings full of the same kind of amazement. This way, writing becomes my way to connect two things – the past and the present and give the readers a glimpse into the events that led to the present day.

Thus, I can state that writing is not merely my job but a vocation. My goal is for the words written on the site to inspire readers, positively transform them, and provide further insights into history and the world contemporary to the present moment.

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