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Meet the New Author Brigitte Powell


As a child, I was captivated by my grandfather’s thrilling tales of surviving the Russian raid on the Austro-Hungarian Empire during World War I. His story briefly recounted in the Preface of this work, ignited my curiosity about the intricate relationship between the late Ottoman Empire and the United States. This historical exploration reveals how Ottoman reforms and ideas were conveyed to America through diplomats, naval records, and intellectuals who lived and worked in the region. Spanning 100 years, it examines how American diplomats and thinkers influenced congressional and executive decisions, reforms, and foreign policy in the Near East. Remarkably, the primary sources illustrate how American Progressives shifted the Founders’ perception of the Ottomans, using Turkey as a case study to showcase the potential impact of progressive reforms on society in the United States.

The Writing Journey

Education and Learning: At six years old, I moved to Greece, where the ancient architecture sparked a lifelong passion for history. As an undergraduate, I eagerly enrolled in every history course available, fueling my growing interest. I began teaching history at a local private school while continuing my education, immersing myself deeper into the past.

Challenges and Breakthroughs: Writing was a struggle until my doctoral journey, where my dissertation chair taught me the craft. Working with primary sources and retelling history came naturally, but mastering stylistic precision required perseverance and grit. Determined to follow my passion, I learned that we can overcome any obstacle and achieve the impossible with dedication.

First Published Work: My first published work, “Integration of Multimedia Resources to Enhance Curriculum: A Partnership Between Higher Education and Museums,” earned a nomination for the prestigious Presidential Management Fellowship.

Your Work

Genres and Themes: My passion lies in writing about history and education. My research delves into intellectual, diplomatic, and medical histories. In the realm of education, I specialize in online teaching and promoting student success.

Writing Process: My historical writing begins with an exhaustive search for primary sources, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the topic. I travel to archives or work with archivists to gather these essential materials. After cataloging and analyzing the sources, I meticulously take notes, allowing the writing to take shape from the wealth of information collected naturally.

Personal Insights

What Writing Means to Me: For me, the thrill of writing lies in unearthing hidden histories and bringing them to light. It’s about sharing these discoveries and enriching the scholarly community with new insights.

Advice for Aspiring Writers: Writing is an art and should come from the heart. Write because you know it is something you enjoy doing and let your passion drive every word you put on the page.

Future Goals

Upcoming Projects: I have two exciting books on the horizon. The first is Volume Two of “Intellectual and Diplomatic Discourse of American Progressives and Late Ottomans, 1830-1930,” focusing on the Christian dynamic within the Ottoman Empire. The second will uncover the compelling stories of two influential but often overlooked progressives.

Long-term Aspirations: My long-term ambition is to continue researching, writing, and publishing historical works. As professional historians, we have to preserve and share history, ensuring its legacy endures for future generations.


I want to extend my heartfelt gratitude to all my readers for your unwavering support and engagement. Your curiosity and enthusiasm fuel my passion for uncovering and sharing the rich tapestry of history. Thank you for being an integral part of this journey and helping keep the past alive through your interest and encouragement. I invite you to follow me on social media, join your mailing list, visit my website, or attend any upcoming events.

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  1. What an incredible journey! Your dedication to uncovering and sharing history is truly inspiring. From your early fascination sparked by your grandfather’s stories to your extensive research and educational achievements, it’s clear you have a deep passion for bringing history to life. I am particularly intrigued by how you intertwine American Progressives’ views with Ottoman reforms—such a unique perspective. I look forward to reading your upcoming works and continuing to learn from your insights. Thank you for your contributions to preserving our shared past!

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