Learn God is Love, Know God is Love, Realize God is Love

One Book God is Love by Ramesh Narwani

Synopsis: Brief Plot Summary

This book is based on ‘Five Hidden Universe Messages of God is Love.’ God has one message, Love has two messages, and the center ‘is’ has two messages, creating five hidden messages that remain untold, unspoken, and unfolded.

The words “Life,” “Soul,” and “Self” emerge from Love’s message, the existence of ‘is,’ and Soul’s message, respectively. Thus, the five words are God, Love, Life, Soul, and Self. The book reveals these hidden messages to unlock the heart.

This book comprises three parts: how to learn, know, and realize the theory step by step, enhancing self-awareness and consciousness. The soul is the sweet home of the self.

Unique and profound universe messages are received within the self when one becomes thoughtless and attuned to the universe. Though everyone gets these soundless messages, only some understand their language. Mastering this technique is only possible with a teacher, just as a child learns language from their mother. The teacher self imparts knowledge to the student’s self. This is the absolute truth, and the secret theory of God is Love.

From ‘One Book God is Love,’ you will find all the answers.

Genre and Audience: Target Readers

This book aims to raise awareness in all of us on how to live together with God, stay together in Love, work together, help each other, and help the world. Without knowledge and work, no one achieves success.

For example, without knowledge, work is useless, and without work, knowledge cannot help anyone achieve a successful life.

For those seeking God, Love, and Self, ‘One Book God is Love‘ will be entirely beneficial.

Inspiration: What Inspired the Book

One day, my Guru said in Sindhi, “Bharat Brahm bhumi aahe,” meaning “Bharat is the land of Brahm knowledge.” I noted this in my memory. Later, I pondered the modern name “India” and its connection to Brahm knowledge. While walking home, I heard a voice saying, “Inter Nationals Deepawali is Atma.” Initially, I didn’t understand due to my Sindhi education.

After a few days, I wished to see God and received the message “go over death,” which I also didn’t understand. Later, I wondered why boys and girls say “I love you” to each other and what love truly means. While thinking and walking, the answer came: Love is a “life of very essence.” Still, I couldn’t grasp the message entirely.

When I moved to St. Maarten for work, I experienced a persistent cough. Visiting a doctor on the French side of the island, I saw “God is Love” written above the driver’s seat. Suddenly, enlightenment dawned: “Go over death is love” and “God is life of essence.” These realizations inspired and guided me, bringing peace of mind and bliss.

I then questioned the connection of ‘is’ in the phrase “God is Love” and received the answer: ‘is’ means soul, ‘soul’ means “self of universal light,” ‘self’ means “see eternal life fully,” and ‘life’ means “love is fully established.” This soundless knowledge was recorded in my heart.

I documented these messages: 1) God as “go over death,” 2) Love as “life of very essence,” 3) Life as “love is fully established,” 4) Soul as “self of universal light,” and 5) Self as “see eternal life fully.” This is the complete theory and language of the God is Love family, explained in simple English in ‘One Book God is Love.’

Unique Selling Points: What Makes It Unique

Learning is the job of the mind, knowing is the job of the intellect, and realizing is the job of the self with the body and senses. The self’s job is to witness truth and reality.

The knowledge of God is Love theory, which is based on science and beyond science. Both coexist in the world. Seekers must approach a teacher to learn the truth.

As your mind works with body senses, your thoughtless mind communicates in soundless sound, bringing ideas and solutions. New creations and innovations benefit humanity. The work is of God, which is Love, and Love connects with the self.

Knowledge is the world’s property, and research continues to benefit humanity. Future generations will continue to progress. Everyone has the right to prosperity in health, wealth, success, and happiness.

One Book God is Love‘ is the essence of liberation and salvation.

Key Themes: Main Themes or Messages

Every word contains a hidden, balanced message from the universe, revealed when the heart is pure, calm, and selfless. Sharing knowledge through writing or teaching ensures it remains for future generations. Everyone needs help in life.

For example, “Help” stands for “have eternal love, peace” within you. Helping others brings peace and bliss.

Another example: “Paid” means “problems all are dead.” Paying for a service like an air ticket reveals unconditional love in action, as you receive help at every step of your journey.

The God is Love theory teaches this in ‘One Book.’

Character Profiles: Main Characters

The “I” in God, Love, Life, Soul, Self, and you and me is the same. This forgotten unity makes us individuals and hinders mutual understanding.

For example, “I love you” means His “I” loves Her “I,” and Her “I” loves His “I.” Without “I,” who will love whom? No one loves a lifeless body.

Setting: Describe the Setting

In the context of God, place the message “God is Love.”

For example, God says, “Go over death is Love.” This phrase and its 73 variations are scientifically structured, and you will learn, know, and realize them from ‘One Book God is Love.’

Writing Process: Insights into Writing

Knowledge is consciousness, guiding us with light, direction, and aim, like an address to reach a destination. Success requires setting a perfect goal. Consciousness is the soul, the light of the universe.

Be aware of body consciousness, mind consciousness, soul consciousness, God consciousness, and cosmic consciousness. Choose your subject and learn from a teacher.

Publication Journey: Getting the Book Published

Without an editor’s help, no book can be published. My friend Suresh Balram, an editor, visited my store in St. Maarten, and we were both delighted to meet. He helped me realize my dream of publishing a book. After ten years of waiting, the book finally reached Amazon for editing and a new cover design.

About Ramesh Narwani

  • Introduction: Name and Profession

I am Ramesh Narwani, 71, a retired businessman. I worked for 37 years in my own jewelry and clothing retail and wholesale business while researching and exploring self-realization and the essence of Love within the self.

I now live in Florida, USA.

  • Background: Education and Career

Education: Graduated from Sindhi School, Mumbai, K.J. Khilnani High School, Dadar. I worked as a bookkeeper for 12 years for a Sindhi family in Mumbai.

At age 11, I found my spiritual master. I became a disciple at 14, spending 16 years doing selfless service and learning the Upanishads of Vedanta in Sindhi from my Gurudev Sat Chit Anand Shri Parmanand Ji at the Shree Parmanand Bhandar Ashram, Khar, Mumbai.

  • Career Highlights: Key Achievements

The technique of thoughtless thought talking in soundless sound came to me with my master’s blessings. Despite my Sindhi education, English words and names often confused me. However, I received profound messages through thoughtless thought, like “Inter National Deepawali is Atma.”

These messages, such as God as “go over death,” Love as “life of very essence,” Life as “Love is fully established,” Soul as “self of universal light,” and Self as “see eternal life fully,” were written down and formed the basis of ‘One Book God is Love.’

My song is: I know, O God, I know you, you play in your world. You write through me, read through others, and get the same meaning.

  • Personal Interests: Hobbies Outside Writing

My priority was selfless service, singing bhajans, practicing meditation yoga, and raising consciousness with the glory of Shiva. Walking with my masters at Juhu Beach in Mumbai taught me to overcome laziness and wake up at 3:30 am daily. I learned to remain calm amidst negative emotions like traffic running on a road while I walk safely on the footpath.

  • Motivation: What Drives Him

My teacher said: Only with hard work will you ever succeed. You need a partner who knows the job and helps you reach success. This secret of motivation was always to get help, like when I opened my jewelry shop and accepted the vision that I was a worker for St. Maarten’s government.

  • Professional Philosophy: Work Approach

Be honest in any field, and success will find you. Truth eventually emerges as proof, while dishonesty leads to misuse and abuse, bringing no prosperity to anyone.

  • Community Involvement: Volunteer Work

Sharing success knowledge publicly is the best volunteer work. Helping others in their progress is helping oneself. Community involvement means helping people and the world.

  • Future Goals: Aspirations

Teach everyone simply how to transcend death before dying. Our self-soul is eternal, and life never dies. Proof of eternal life is seen in the continuity of time and existence.

For example, a child passing grade 1 achieves salvation and liberation in that grade, demonstrating liberation in life before death.

Share knowledge to make life easy, smooth, and understandable for everyone. There are always seekers of each subject, and everyone should find success and liberation before death.

Ramesh Narwani on How to Become an Author

  • Find Your Passion: Write What You Love

Choose what you want in life and increase your love for that field. Seek, and the universe will provide. Have a teacher to guide you from a student to a teacher.

  • Develop Skills: Take Courses, Practice

Take courses in your subject of love from a teacher. Practice turns the unknown into the known, the self of the teacher.

  • Read Widely: Learn from Various Styles

Start from a dot to complete the circle of knowledge, like a cycle that becomes a recycle. The circle represents conditional emptiness inside and unconditional infinity outside.

  • Set Goals: Short and Long-Term Goals

Share knowledge with those in need. If many accept, a foundation center will be built by subject lovers, benefiting all and loved by the universe.

  • Writing Routine: Regular Writing Habit

Write daily to improve your subject. Note dates and times for reference. Your messages help the world as the universe speaks through you.

  • Seek Feedback From Peers or Groups

Questions from groups improve your subject knowledge, making you a specialist. Helping people helps the world, and embodying God is the love theory.

  • Edit Ruthlessly: Importance of Editing

Provide correct messages for seekers. Saving others’ time by giving accurate addresses ensures their success.

  • Learn Publishing: Explore Options

Register your material first. Business help will follow. Explore the internet for publishers and do your homework.

  • Build a Platform: Online Presence

Promote your product online to connect with the world. Seekers will find you quickly, and you can help them with their knowledge needs.

  • Stay Persistent: Overcome Setbacks

Stay focused on your goal. Knowing where to go and crossing the road leads to success. Everyone has needs and choices. For example, to buy jewelry, look for a jewelry shop, not a shoe shop.

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