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My name is Annette Marie Stephenson. I have been a self-published author since July of 2021. Since then, I have published 14 books, one of them a children’s book I wrote for my grandchildren inspired by my daughter, Kamara.


Family Background

I married my husband in November of 1981. We have known each other since we were teenagers. We have 3 children, Oliver, Jacob, and Kamara. We also have 7 grandchildren, 3 girls and 5 boys. I live in Oceanside, California with my husband and 2 cats. I was born in San Jose, California.

Early Writing Inspirations

I started writing at the age of 10. Before that time, I would use my imagination to make up stories about the world around me. I loved being outside and realized I was a writer who loved describing my surroundings.

Influence of Personal Experiences

Everything in nature inspired me to write about love and beautiful things that touched the heart. My parents were divorced and when I felt anxious or alone, I would cut out pictures from bridal magazines and put together a storyboard. Then I would write the story based on what I thought the characters were experiencing.

High School and Early Career

In high school, I took a storywriting class to showcase what I taught myself. My teacher asked us to write a paragraph about a daisy. I finished and the rest of the class couldn’t come up with anything. My teacher, who studied in Nice, France, told me I was going to go far with my writing and that millions of people would love my stories. So I never gave up my dream to be an author. I also studied journalism.

Meeting My Husband

In the spring of 1981, my family moved to Oregon. That is where I met my husband. He was a painter of art and a landscape artist. Our relationship inspired me to write Divided Mountain. Some parts of the story are about us and what I loved about his art.

Writing Journey

First Book and Rejections

When we were losing our home in 2008, in my empty office with just my computer, I wrote Divided Mountain. It was a way to deal with the loss and the despair of what we were going through. When my husband read it, he asked me to publish it. But I was turned down by many publishers who thought it was too clean and sappy.

Discovery of Self-Publishing

In 2022, I wrote a sequel to Divided Mountain, The Landscaper’s Wife. I discovered KDP, self-publishing. I learned a lot about fonts, marketing, and book covers. I had a certain style that I wanted to show when it came to attractive book covers.

Writing Style

I am a descriptive writer. Many of my readers tell me they love how I describe the surroundings and what the person is like in the story. Others say they could do without it. I want my readers to go on the journey. To take a walk through my eyes and see what the character is feeling.

Themes in My Books

I am a clean writer who does put in sensuality and closeness without any sexual content. I do not use foul language. I have used scenarios where there is domestic abuse or control but it is not extreme or too intense.

Personal Inspirations

I have gone through things in my personal life and I know a story about abuse can help someone see that they can get their life back when they read something encouraging.

Books on Abuse and Healing

When I wrote The Girl In The Closet, I was a little nervous. This book deals with the physical and emotional abuse of a young girl by a controlling alcoholic parent. The Glass Vase is about a troubled young girl who keeps her anger deep inside after her mother passed away.

Writing About Love and Loss

My husband and I have been married for nearly 43 years. I like to write about falling in love, dealing with loss, healing from a broken heart, and a happy ending. In every story I write, there is a little bit of me in there.

Emotional Stories

Breathtaker was one of my favorites. When I wrote this, I thought about myself. I love to travel, walk, hike trails, and explore every part of this earth.

Personal Biographies

The Many Colors of Poetry is a short biography of my life and having a family. This book contains all the poems and letters me and my husband wrote to each other throughout the years, along with my children’s poems.

Exploring New Genres

I decided to try a different subject, thrillers. I wrote The Last Memory, Double Vision, and Penny Rose. These are my kind of suspense.

Writing Process

I usually can put out a book in 3-5 months. I am a full-time writer and I keep a pad near me at all times in case I get an idea for a story.

Feedback and Growth

Many of my readers give me positive feedback about my books. It makes me smile to receive 5 stars on Amazon and Goodreads.

Working with The Native Publishers

Even though I have only been an author for less than 3 years, I never gave up on my dream to be a professional. I was so happy to have found The Native Publishers and working with them has been a joy and a great experience.

Real-Life Inspirations

Going through tragedies and loss in my own life has inspired me to sympathize through my characters. Realistically, I learned to find someone to rely on for strength, and sometimes, it came from within.

Community Engagement

I attend Author Showcases and Book Fairs and I have donated my books to the libraries here in San Diego County. I have also given books to various book exchange stations in my neighborhood.

Final Thoughts

I hope that all of you who learn about me and my books enjoy what you read. You can look me up at my website at I am also on Facebook and Instagram.

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  1. Annette Marie Stephenson’s journey as a self-published author is truly inspiring! Her dedication to writing despite facing numerous rejections and personal hardships is a testament to her resilience and passion. The way she draws from her personal experiences to create relatable and emotionally resonant stories is remarkable. I especially appreciate her clean writing style and the depth of her character descriptions. Looking forward to reading more of her works!

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